Day 1: 2008 Pickawillany Hocking College Field School

Day 1: 2008 Pickawillany Hocking College Field School

The Ohio Historical Society is pleased to announce that the Hocking College field school at Pickawillany started today and will go through July 31st. The field school is lead by Dr. Annette Ericksen (photo 1, center) with the assistance of supervisors Tony Cox (left) and Bob Brown (right). For those of you who have not heard about Pickawillany before, check out the blog post dated September 29, 2006

When the students arrived at the Piqua Historical Area this morning site manager Andy Hite (photo 2) spoke to them about the history of the Miami Village and English trader compound and gave them a tour of the museum. The students had the chance to look over artifacts recovered from the site in the 1970’s and a selection of trade items typical of the period (photo 3). This will help them recognize similar artifacts when they are encountered during excavations.Afterward everyone headed over to the excavation area, set up their research grids and went to work (photo 4).

If you are interested in see the field school “in action” tours will be given on Thursday the 24th and Wednesday the 30th. Visitors will board the canal boat at 12:30 to be transported back to the site. For information about the Piqua Historical Area, including entry fees and directions please visit

We look forward to seeing you at the site, but if you cannot make it please check back on the blog for daily updates!

Posted July 21, 2008
Topics: Archaeology

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