Can you? Your Thoughts

Last week our curatorial staff posted a photograph of a mystery object in our collection.  So far here is what you thought based on Blog and Facebook responses (results are only from our Facebook page and not from any personal posts of this blog entry.

  1. Some sort of strainer – 11 votes
  2. Potato Masher – 10 votes
  3. Hot brick/coal/ember carrier – 8 votes
  4. Device for indoor grilling  – 7 votes
  5. Deep frying basket – 6 votes
  6. Basket for home canning – 3 votes
  7. Sifter – 2 votes

Other ideas were also proposed.  For example: a laundry suds-er, ice block carrier, kitty litter scooper, and a tool to make candles or paper. We are still stumped.  However, based on the design, materials, and solidity of the piece, we are fairly certain that this is not a potato masher.

This mystery object was found stored with our collection of kitchenware.
More thoughts?

Posted February 2, 2012
Topics: My History

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