Breana & Alex

Breana & Alex

Breana & Alex

Many couples find out about the Ohio History Center and Ohio Village by searching the internet for wedding venues in Columbus. Breana and Alex came to us in a different way: by attending an event in Ohio Village! They attended All Hallows’ Eve, our Victorian-era Halloween event, a few years before their wedding and loved the look and feel of Ohio Village, especially the church. When it was time to choose a wedding venue, Breana and Alex remembered how much they liked the church in Ohio Village and worked with our coordinators to create a magical ceremony.

One thing that really appealed to Breana and Alex about Ohio Village and the Ohio History Center is the versatility of the spaces: “The church is so beautiful, they are open to so many options, and I think it fits a lot of people. If you want more of a vintage, rustic, or old-fashioned feel, the Village is a great space for the reception….If you want a more modern or classy feel, you can have your reception inside the History Center…it was a place that people couldn’t stop talking about because it’s very unique.”

Wedding photos done by Comfort Photography.

If you’re interested in planning a unique event experience with us, we’d love to hear from you! We can walk you through all your potential ceremony and reception options so that your event is one for the history books.

For more information on events at the Ohio History Center & Ohio Village contact us at [email protected].

Posted January 14, 2020

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