Black bears visit the Ohio History Center!

Imagine their surprise when the staff of the Human Resources office of the Ohio History Connection looked out of their windows on Tuesday and saw a large adult black bear looking back at them! However, there is no cause for concern since these bears are actually very well-done taxidermy mounts that are on their way to the “Recent Acquisitions” display case. Black bears have returned to Ohio after being extirpated for many years, and are now listed as a state Endangered Species. Thus these bears are ambassadors for our new exhibit “Going, Going, Gone? Endangered and Extinct Species” which is now open at the Ohio History Center. These bears were collected by Mr. Shirley Robey in White River, Ontario Canada from 1978 – 1981. They were donated to us by the Robey Family in 2013.


Posted July 10, 2014

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