As part of your Ohio Archaeology Month celebrations, may I recommend two upcoming events at the Newark Earthworks described in my recent guest column for the Newark Advocate?

On Saturday, October 13th, there is a Walk Through Newark’s Ancient Grandeur with Jeff Gill of the Ohio State University’s Newark Earthworks Center. Meet Jeff at 9:00 AM at the Great Circle on State Route 79 in Heath for a pilgrimage to the past you won’t soon forget. I offered my thoughts on a similar walk led by Jeff in a previous post.

The following day, Sunday, October 14th, is one of our four-a-year Open House days at the Octagon Earthworks. The entire site will be available for your exploration throughout the day and educational programs, including guided tours, Native American music, and other activities will take place between 1:00 and 4:00 PM. I look forward to seeing you there!

As I wrote in my column — “Two thousand years ago, Native Americans built one of the most amazing monuments of antiquity here in the place we now call Newark, Ohio. We know it today as separate parks the Great Circle and the Octagon Earthworks, but originally it was a sprawling series of gigantic earthworks built in geometric shapes of remarkable precision and covering more than four-and-a-half square miles.

The Newark Earthworks are Ohios State Prehistoric Monument, a National Historic Landmark and are on track to become a World Heritage site and its right here in our backyard.”

Come and experience the Newark Earthworks!

For more information, contact the Newark Earthworks Center.

Brad Lepper

Posted October 7, 2012
Topics: Archaeology

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