Yesterday, on All Sides with Ann Fisher, NBC 4 Meteorologist Ben Gelber talked about weather-related issues and referred to an archaeological study reported in the Columbus Dispatch by yours truly.

Towards the end of the interview, Ben said that questions regarding how we adapt to climate change and its impact on water resources, for example, are as old as civilizations.

Referring to my January Archaeology column in which I described the work of University of Ottawa paleoclimatologist Samuel Munoz and colleagues who demonstrated that nearly every cultural transition in the ancient northeastern United States corresponded to a major transition in the climate of the region, Ben said that this shows that Native Americans have adapted successfully to changing weather patterns over thousands of years, which I think should give us hope that we can do the same.

Heres the link to Bens interview on All Sides with Ann Fisher:

And here’s a link to my original article in the Dispatch:

Posted April 27, 2011
Topics: Archaeology

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