Ancient Ohio revived as tourist destination

Ancient Ohio Revived as Tourist Destination

According to John Hancock, director of the Center for the Electronic Reconstruction of Historical and Archaeological Sites (CERHAS) at the University of Cincinnati, “Ohio has ancient architectural wonders that rival any on the planet. The scope and splendor of these earthen effigies, embankments, walled hilltops and geometric enclosures are known now only to a few specialists, enthusiasts and local residents, but that is about to change.”

Hancock and CERHAS are working with a variety of partners to put together a tourism media package to capitalize on the boost of heritage tourism Ohio is expected to get from the nomination of several Hopewell earthworks and Serpent Mound to the World Heritage List. It’s called the Ancient Ohio Trail and you can visit the website at

Read the rest of Hancock’s opinion essay (and offer your comments) at the Newark Advocate‘s webpage:

Posted September 21, 2009
Topics: Archaeology

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