A New Season Begins for the Ft Meigs Military Roundtable

A New Season Begins for the Ft Meigs Military Roundtable

The Ft Meigs Military Roundtable will reconvene on January 17 and continue for the next several months with a summertime break. The Roundtable has become a fixture at Ft Meigs State Memorial with somewhat informal but lively programs on the history of Northwest Ohio presented by leading scholars of that subject. See the attached schedule for further information. The presentations are free and open to the public. The doors open at 7:00 pm. As of late it has become a popular venue so arrive early to get a seat. 2013 marks the bicentennial of the British siege of Ft Meigs. Its present tranquil setting as seen in the above accompanying image truly belies the bloody affair that took place there the first week of May 1813. If you can’t make the lecture series I strongly recommend that you include Ft Meigs on your to do list for 2013

The Ft Meigs Military Roundtable lecture series is sponsored by the Anderton Bentley Fundin memory of Christopher Perky, a War of 1812 veteran who served at Fort Meigs.


Posted January 7, 2013
Topics: Archaeology

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