A Frog on a Log at the Bog Blog! Answer to FoW#22

The Gray Treefrog at Cedar Bog. The Gray Treefrog at Cedar Bog.

Sorry about the cutesy title but hey, when you’re writing a blog about a frog on a log from the Bog, what else can you call it!? This identification is kind of tough since there are several small frogs in Ohio. But congrats to Chrissy for the correct answer: a Gray Treefrog (Hyla versicolor)! Usually the Gray Treefrog will have a light-colored spot under each eye which helps distinguish it from the other small frogs in Ohio. However, it’s so closely related to the Cope’s Gray Treefrog (H. chrysoscelis) that the only way to tell them apart is by their call! As Chrissy mentioned, the Cope’s is a more southern species and probably isn’t as far north as Cedar Bog. Both of these Treefrogs also have a bright yellow-orange patch on their hind legs, which you can only see when they jump. They also have a bumpy texture to the skin, which gives them a “warty” appearance. Both frogs live predominately in trees and shrubs, and can change colors from gray to green depending on the surface they are on. This frog was probably on nearby leaves before hopping on the bolt of wood.


Posted August 20, 2014
Topics: Natural History

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