A Day in the Life of a Site: The Ohio History Center
Posted February 21, 2024

Ever wonder what it takes to run an Ohio History Connection site? Our amazing site staff members work hard to maintain the physical site, create programming, provide customer service and more! Take a peek behind the scenes at the Ohio History Center to see what a typical day is like for the staff.





Visitor Services Associate Steph prepares the History Store for customers. If you haven’t checked out the store, be sure to stop by or visit us online at ohiohistorystore.com. We have a great selection of unique items!

Store Associate at gift store counter.
Museum Interpreter showing a group the height of a bear in the Nature of Ohio exhibit.







Operations Coordinator and Interpreter Michael Fouts leads a group through the Nature of Ohio exhibit.





Executive Director & CEO Megan Wood speaks at a press conference held in the museum to announce the 4th Grade History Pass program.

CEO Megan Wood at a podium speaking to a group of people.
Woman in middle of photograph with bins and piles of costume pieces around her.







Interpreter Katie Thorpe organizes costuming for upcoming programs. In addition to maintaining an Education Collection, the interpretive team manages the extensive costuming for immersive programming. This includes organization, cleaning, mending and creating clothing as needed.





Registrar Jessica Sells takes interpretive staff and interns through original Ohio History Connection records

Three people looking at a large, old book on a table.
Four people watching an old truck coming in through a loading door to the museum floor.








Exhibits and Collections staff watch as a historic truck is brought into the museum from the Collections Warehouse.





Ohio History Center volunteers taking a break before opening for the day.

Three people sitting behind a table with large fossils on it.
A worker pulling folders out of a box from a shelving unit full of paper products in the distribution center.







Distribution Coordinator Trey Russo keeps museum staff supplied with everything they need to do their work, as well as managing the mailroom. The Ohio History Center gets hundreds of pieces of mail every day.





Exhibits staff and volunteers prepare a space for a display on Ohio fashion.

Three people working on a small in wall case in the front lobby of the museum.
Large group of children sitting, listening to an interpretation staff member.




Interpretation staff give an orientation talk to a school group on a field trip. The Ohio History Center helps thousands of school kids learn about Ohio history every year. We love it when the museum is full of kids!




Maintenance Technician John Stanton replaces some flooring in the Nature of Ohio exhibit. Our Facilities staff works hard to keep the museum clean and in good repair.

A worker replacing a flooring tile next to a display case with taxidermy animals in it.
A man standing next to a cart with a large bone about to load it into the back of a car.







Natural History Curator Dave Dyer transports a bone from the Ohio History Center to our collections warehouse. Dave had brought the bone over for a program at the museum.

Learn more about the Ohio History Center by visiting yourself!  Click here for up-to-date days and hours of operation, as well as the phone number and address.

Ohio History Connection members enjoy free general admission to the Ohio History Center, as well as our 50+ other historic sites and museums. Visit ohiohistory.org/join to become a member!

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