A Day in the Life of a Site: Armstrong Air & Space Museum
Posted January 15, 2024

Ever wonder what it takes to run an Ohio History Connection site? Our amazing site staff members work hard to maintain the physical site, create programming, provide customer service and more! Take a peek behind the scenes at Armstrong Air & Space Museum to see what a typical day is like for the staff.




At the start of every day, the museum has a heads-up meeting where all the staff goes around and shares what’s on the day's itinerary.





Executive Director Dante Centuori and Communications Director Logan Rex running through the event site plan for the 2024 total solar eclipse.





Education staff Jarrod Jones and Ellen Engle working with the museum's telescopes.




The collections staff having their monthly exhibits meeting, this month focusing on the upcoming lobby renovations.





Maintenance staff Ben Givens and Scott Walton prepping the store for the museum's lobby renovations.





Store Representative Jeff Bowersock is using the penny press to make pre-squished keepsakes for the guests.





Historian Greg Brown is changing out the desiccant filters in some of the cases to help maintain safe humidity levels.





Curator Logan Rex is cleaning and buffing the plexi-glass of the Gemini VIII, keeping our prized artifact in great shape.

Learn more about the Armstrong Air & Space Museum by visiting yourself!  Click here for up-to-date days and hours of operation, as well as the phone number and address.

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