A bone from the sky! – Freak of the Week #12


Bone from the sky. Scale is in centimeters.

As someone who identifies animal bones from all sorts of sources, ranging from forensic contexts to archaeological sites, I’ve seen a lot of unusual cases – but none like this one! Bones usually come from the ground, either on the surface or buried (naturally or intentionally), but this one came from above! It literally fell from the sky!

A retired professor came into the museum one day and said that he walked out his front door in the leafy neighborhood next to campus, and this bone fell on the sidewalk right in front of him! What would you tell the professor!? Can you explain what happened!? The clues are in the bone! Think about it over the weekend and put your best answer in the Reply box.

Another view of the unknown bone.


Posted February 21, 2014
Topics: Natural History
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