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Buffington Island Battlefield Memorial ParkThe site of the only significant Civil War battle in Ohio.
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    • Buffington Island Battlefield Memorial Park
    • 55890 State Route 124
    • Portland, OH 45770
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This 4-acre memorial park is the site of the only significant Civil War battle on Ohio soil. Here, a Union army chased and cornered the Confederate cavalry commanded by Gen. John Hunt Morgan as they were trying to escape across the Ohio River. Spoiler Alert: The battlefield is near the bank of the Ohio River, not on the nearby island. Average visit time: Allow 1+ hours


From July 13–26, 1863, Gen. Morgan led a daring group of more than 2,000 men across Southern Ohio. His mission: to distract and divert as many Union troops as possible from the action in Middle Tennessee and East Tennessee. Union Troops under the command of Major General Ambrose Burnside gave chase.

It was at Buffington Island on July 19, 1863  that the Union forces corned Morgan and his men as the Confederates were trying to cross the Ohio River. The Union troops dealt a heavy blow to Morgan’s men and resources, but, despite losing half his men and all of his supplies, Morgan escaped. Major Daniel McCook, patriarch of the fighting McCook family, was mortally wounded in the fight.

Morgan’s remaining raiders turned north, exhausted and desperate to find another place to cross. On July 26, at Salineville, Union Cavalry surrounded Morgan's Raiders and succeeded in capturing Morgan and most of his command. Morgan's capture marked the end of Morgan’s Raid.

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