Story Mound

See an ancient burial mound built by American Indians between 800 B.C and A.D. 100

Story Mound

Delano Avenue, Chillicothe, OH, USA
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Find Story Mound, constructed by people of the Adena culture (800 B.C.–A.D.100) in a Chillicothe neighborhood. Excavated in 1897, this site yielded the first documented example of a circular Adena timber building, a common structure of Adena ceremonial and domestic architecture. Average visit time: Allow 15 minutes


Story Mound is a large, rounded earthen mound located on slightly less than an acre of ground in Chillicothe. This ancient burial mound stands 19.5 feet high, with a basal diameter of 95 feet. Built by people of the Adena culture sometime between 800 B.C and A.D. 100, it was excavated in 1897 by Clarence Loveberry, who discovered the first example of a circular timber building used in Adena ceremonial and domestic architecture. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The State of Ohio acquired Story Mound in 1950.

Story Mound is locally managed by the Adena Mansion & Garden Society.

  • Audiences: K-5th Grade Students, 6-8th Grade Students, 9-12th Grade Students, Higher Education Students, Educators, Families, Government, Specialists, Tourists, Community Groups, History Enthusiasts & Sports Fans
  • Historical Topics: American Indian History & Archaeology
  • Regions: Southwest Ohio
  • Site Activities: Self-Guided
  • Museum & Site Type: Ohio History Connection Site

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