Teacher in Residence Tour 2015

One of the fun parts of my job as a Collections Assistant in the Archaeology Department are public tours. I love sharing my passion for archaeology with others and to see their faces light up. This past week Assistant Curator of Archaeology Bill Pickard and myself welcomed a group of Ohio teachers into the collections facility. The members of the tour were this year’s participants in the Teacher In Residence Program. 

The informal tour covered our day-to-day projects in the warehouses as well as our favorite objects that are not on display. In the archaeology department, many of the artifacts we showcase on tours are from “type sites” such as the Hopewell Mound Group and Adena Mound. Smaller groups always make for better tours because there is room for questions and discussion. Also there is just plain more room…

I enjoy giving tours. It is great public speaking practice and I get listen in on Pickard’s portion of the tour. Having worked in collections less than five years, there is always more for me to learn. 

The warehouse tour also included History and Natural History Collections. 

Posted June 22, 2015
Topics: My HistoryArchaeology

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