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Survey & InventoryA Permanent Record of Ohio Buildings and Sites
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We provide an accurate and continuing record of the historic architectural resources and the archaeological resources in the State of Ohio.

Ohio Archaeology Inventory

Archaeology in Ohio

Archaeology Guidelines is an 89-page publication containing the standards and specifications by which the Ohio Historic Preservation Office reviews, evaluates, and comments on archaeological research conducted under our review authority.

 Instruction Manual for Completing the Ohio Archaeological Inventory Form

This manual provides a detailed understanding of the Ohio Archaeological Inventory, as well as complete instructions for the preparation and submission of site forms to the Ohio Historic Preservation Office. It is an essential guide for the preparation of both electronic I-Form, and paper form submissions.

Ohio Historic Inventory

The Ohio Historic Inventory was created in 1973 to provide an accurate continuing record of the historic architectural resources in the state of Ohio, with the Ohio Historic Inventory form as the tool to document the resources. The Ohio Historic Inventory form was developed to specifically gather sufficient information to reflect the architecture, historical significance, and integrity of the property. Click here  to learn more about the Ohio Historic Inventory and conducting history/architecture surveys in Ohio.

Today Ohio Historic Inventory forms are completed electronically with an Internet-based application called I-Form. The use of I-form is expected by all professionals submitting inventory forms for compliance-related projects and all surveys funded, partially funded or initiated through the State Historic Preservation Office. Non-professionals must contact the Survey and National Register Manager at: SNROHPO@ohiohistory.org for alternative means of completing an Ohio Historic Inventory form.

I-Form: Online Inventory Data Submission App

I-Form is an Internet-based application that allows for electronic completion and submission of Ohio Archaeological Inventory forms. I-Form use is expected by professionals submitting inventory forms for most Section 106 compliance projects and surveys funded with Certified Local Government grants.

To request more information about the Ohio Archaeology Inventory click here or call 614.298.2000.

Ohio Modern Initiative

From futuristic coffee shops, drive-ins and shopping centers to soaring glass curtain walled skyscrapers to the homes, schools, and churches of postwar suburbs, examples of mid-20th century architecture convey the hopes, challenges and successes of our recent history. Click here for information on the State Historic Preservation Office Ohio Modern Initiative.

Ohio Shipwreck Inventory

The Ohio Shipwreck Inventory form records information about shipwrecks in Ohio waters with focus on the details of a ship’s character and the wreck event. Click on the link to access the inventory submission database, view guidance on submitting shipwreck inventory records and for links to related shipwreck and Maritime history resources.

Ohio Historic Landscapes Survey

The Ohio Historic Landscapes Survey is part of a national effort to begin identifying, in a systematic fashion, significant designed landscapes, particularly the works of Frederick Law Olmsted and his successors. The emphasis on recording Olmsted's works was initially spearheaded by the National Association of Olmsted Parks.