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Cosponsor a Building Doctor ClinicHelping Solve Common Problems in Older Buildings
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Do old-building owners in your community have questions about how to maintain their historic properties? Consider cosponsoring a Building Doctor clinic to help them find the answers. State Historic Preservation Office Building Doctor Clinics are now being scheduled for the 2017 season. The season typically runs from April through October each year.

Each two-day clinic begins with an evening seminar on topics like roof repair, windows, wood repair, masonry and many other maintenance issues common to buildings built before 1955. On the second day the "doctors" make the rounds of ailing buildings within five miles of the city center to examine problems and prescribe cures. The Building Doctors visit all kinds of pre-1955 buildings including homes, schools, churches, commercial buildings, rental properties, and government buildings.

If your community is interested in hosting a Building Doctor Clinic in 2016 and would like additional information about the program and the costs associated with hosting a clinic, please e-mail Nathan Bevil of the State Historic Preservation Office, call 614.298.2000, or write State Historic Preservation Office, 800 E. 17th Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43211.