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The Ohio History Connection offers microfilm for purchase as public service, and partners with local institutions to provide original microfilming and microfilm digitization services. 

Microfilm Duplication

Individuals or institutions can purchase newspapers, government records (including Ohio death certificates) and some manuscript collections. Microfilm received by the Ohio History Connection may not be resold, duplicated or digitized without the written permission of the Ohio History Connection. Film is produced on demand in 35mm vesicular positive format. You may order complete or partial sets (i.e. three rolls out of a 25 roll set).

If ordering newspapers, include the newspaper title, county/city where published, beginning and ending date span and Sales List roll location number(s). (Sales List roll location numbers begin with the letter “B” and should not be confused with call numbers from the Microfilm Holdings List. Rolls that are available for USE only are identified by a call number (example: Roll 10658). Newspaper microfilm is also available for Interlibrary Loan. For more information, click here.

For a list of newspaper microfilm available for purchase, please see the Microfilm Sales List.

If ordering government records or manuscript microfilm, please search the Online Collections Catalog for our holdings. Please be aware that not all government records or manuscript microfilm reels are available for purchase. Questions about availability of these collections should be directed to the Digital Services staff.

Once you have determined which reels you would like to purchase, please complete the Microfilm Duplication Order Form and send it to the Digital Services staff.

Microfilm duplication costs $65 per reel plus shipping. Ohio residents must also pay sales tax (7.5%).

Original Microfilming

This service includes:

  • Pre-microfilming material preparation
  • Filming adherent to ANSI standards
  • Shipping
  • Quality review of completed reels
  • Storage of archival masters at OHS for preservation purposes
  • Use copy for local institution

Please contact Digital Services staff directly to obtain a quote for your project.

Microfilm Digitization

This service includes:

  • Duplication of master negative
  • Pre-digitization material preparation (includes metadata collection and collation)
  • Digitization using the current archival standards, which include:
    • Structural metadata 
    • 3 images (preservation TIFF, access JP2 and PDF) 
    • XML files containing all structural metadata, title/reel/issue information and Optical Character Recognition (for full text searching)
  • Post-digitization quality review
  • Loading and hosting on Ohio Memory (if a member)

Please contact Digital Services staff directly to obtain a quote for your project. Digital Services staff will also provide consultation and guidance on newspaper digitization projects at no cost. We are happy to serve as a resource for you as you plan your project.


Get in touch with Digital Services staff at 614.297.2530 or images@ohiohistory.org.

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