Frigid weather!? Bring it on!

Emerald Ash Borer damage at Cedar Bog. Photo by Bob Glotzhober.

Thanks to Juli Six of OHS Archaeology, who shared this link that shows one great benefit of the recent cold temperatures: it kills many of the Emerald Ash Borer beetles that are destroying our ash trees! We've been battling this destructive and invasive beetle at Cedar Bog where it's killed many of the ash trees. Now we may be getting a little help from Mother Nature in the form of an arctic blast. The article talks about the more extreme cold in Minnesota, where they are having 84 straight hours of sub-zero temperatures, but it does say that 34% of beetle larvae will die off at -10 degrees. It got down to -11 yesterday at Cedar Bog so hopefully this will eliminate a significant number of the Ash Borer larvae. This is a reason to be thankful for our cold snap (and thankful you don't live in Minnesota!).

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