Members-Only Tour: Manifestation of Light
May. 16 2024
Shaker Historical Museum 16740 S Park Blvd, Shaker Heights, OH, USA Open in Google Map
7–8 p.m.

Shaker Historical Museum and Ohio History Connection members are invited to attend a members-only tour of our current exhibition, “Manifestation of Light,” led by curator Jess Fijalkovich on Thursday, May 16 at 7:00pm. This guided tour provides an exclusive opportunity to hear directly from Jess, who dedicated months to researching and collaborating with archivists and scholars nationwide to explore this unique perspective on the Shakers.

Inspired by the recent solar eclipse, “Manifestation of Light: Exploring the Shakers’ Celestial Inspiration” delves into Shaker artwork, writing, and culture inspired by the sun, moon, and stars. From gift drawings to poetry to dance, the Shakers’ relationship with celestial light and cosmic geometry is grounded in real-world skills and references, providing a captivating intersection of the heavens and earth.

Due to the size of our gallery, the tour is limited to 15 people. This is a free tour but registration is required. Current OHC members can contact [email protected] for the registration link. If you are not currently a member, please consider joining or renewing today!

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