Building Doctor Clinic
Oct. 19 2023 - Oct. 20 2023
Building Doctor Clinic
The Building Doctor evening seminar on Oct. 19 is open to all. The following morning's Building Doctor "house calls" (Oct. 20) are not open to the general public, but Clinic attendees can sign up for a house call when they register for the evening seminar. Both the seminar and house calls are free. (The reason house calls are closed to the public is to honor the privacy of the old home and building owners.)

Who can owners of old buildings turn to for good advice about problems like wet basements, peeling paint and deteriorating masonry? The Building Doctors of the of the Ohio History Connection’s State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), that’s who!

Cosponsored local by the City of Bowling Green, the two-day Building Doctor program consists of an evening seminar about common old building issues and best practices for historic preservation. The next day, the Doctors make actual (old) house calls around the community and provide customized advice. In their 40+ years, Building Doctors have made well over a thousand (old) “house calls” across the state.

Old building owners and enthusiasts are welcome to attend! It’s free, but registration is required.

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