Bob Glotzhober receives the “Naturalist” award!

Bob Glotzhober receiving the Naturalist Award from Dr. Greg Smith of the Ohio Biological Survey.

Congratulations to Bob Glotzhober, Curator Emeritus of Natural History, for receiving the Naturalist Award from the Ohio Biological Survey! Bob received the award at the annual Natural History Conference held at the Ohio Historical Center last Saturday. The qualifications for the award state that “an individual selected to receive the Ohio Biological Survey Naturalist Award will have worked energetically to acquire or disseminate knowledge, conserve natural areas, and/or foster our understanding of the fauna and flora of Ohio. The awardee will be an active contributor over a period of years in pursuit of the activities concerning the natural heritage of Ohio.” That sums up perfectly Bob’s long career in Natural History at the Ohio Historical Society. Congratulations Bob on this well-deserved award!

Bob addressing the audience of almost 200 people at the Natural History Conference.



I apologize for the awful photos, taken with my cell phone! The photos I took at the Museum of Biological Diversity used in a previous blog post turned out better than I expected, so I thought these would be OK too. But I decided to go ahead and post this blog now rather than wait to try to track down others who took better photos that day. I’ll hopefully post those later.


Posted February 19, 2014
Topics: Natural History

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