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Ohio History Day is not just a day, it's an experience!

Ohio History Day is not just a day, it's an experience! It is a year-long program that engages students in grades 4-12 in authentic learning. It is led by the Ohio History Connection and is an affiliate of the award-winning National History Day program.

It is online registration time! All of our district competitions will be using the National History Day online registration system this year.Thank you all so much for using the online registration system this year! We know this first year will be tricky but in the long run it will be a huge benefit.

Follow these steps to get started. Make sure you have pop-ups enabled and you are not using Internet Explorer:

  • Visit the District Competition page here and find your district competition. Your district is determined by your county so you can check the map located on this page. Make note of the deadlines and the contact information for your district coordinator.
  • Visit Ohio History Day Online Registration page by either clicking the link in your district page or going to this webpage (http://oh.nhd.org/register.php)
  • Select your district competition and create a username and password.
    • For students and parents: Registration will be started by teachers. Until a teacher starts a registration, students and parents will be unable to log on to complete the registration. Once a registration has been started by a teacher, students will then be able to enter their own information. Home schooled students and independent entries may have a parent begin the registration in lieu of a teacher.
    • For teachers: When setting up registrations, teachers must enter accurate information for each student (e.g. the actual cell phone and email numbers of the student rather than those of the teacher). Teachers must not enter their own information in place of the student’s information.
    • For judges and volunteers: Once you have registered your district coordinator will follow up with you and provide you with all the essential information. You can also register to judge at the State Competition!
  • Follow the prompts and make note of the green check marks and red x symbols next to the sections of the registration. Your registration is not complete and you cannot enter payment information until all the sections have green checks.
  • If you get stuck there are instructions and tutorial videos here that are extremely helpful! Scroll to the bottom of the page to watch the videos.

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