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Your tax return can make history.

Promotion Kit 2015

First, thank you for volunteering to help get the word out about the History Fund "tax check-off." With your help, we’ll enact a coordinated promotion effort across the state to raise awareness about the History Fund and the local history projects it funds.

Our campaign asks the question, “What would it be like if historical figures--like Annie Oakley, Ulysses Grant and the Wright Brothers--had to fill out modern-day tax forms?” Answer: Hilarious situations in which they worry about everything from deductions to deadlines. This humor-based campaign is intended to 1) Raise awareness about the Ohio History Tax Check-Off, and 2) Encourage Ohioans to donate to the Tax Check-Off on their Ohio tax returns.

Below are links to print and online materials that you and your organization can use to help promote the Ohio History Tax Check-Off. Click on “Promo Plan/Social Media Calendar” for a day-by-day guide to the promotion plan, which includes a detailed social media calendar. 

Questions About the Kit?

Please contact the Marketing and Communications Division at the Ohio History Connection: communications@ohiohistory.org; 800.647.2498 or 614.297.2319.

Promotion Plan and Social Media Daily Calendar

Help us coordinate our promotion efforts across the state with this promotion plan and detailed social media calendar.This document includes key dates during the campaign and daily social media posts.
Download the Promotion Plan (MS Word file)
Download the Social Media Calendar (MS Word file)

Press Release

Share the 2015 Campaign Kick-off press release with local reporters and media. Edit it to fit your region, city or town.
Download the press release (MS Word file)

Print Flyers

Print and share with local groups, supporters and history lovers. For images you can share on your webpage or social media, click the “Online Images” tab.
Download Annie Oakley, Ulysses Grant and Wright Brothers Flyers/Posters (pdf file)

Letters to the Editor Templates

Write to the editor of your local newspaper; change these templates to fit your personality and add a personal message.
Click to download Letters to the Editor Templates (MS Word file)

Talking Points

Use these talking points to start a conversation or share quick information about the Ohio History Tax Check-Off.
Download Talking Points (MS Word file)

Online Images

Use any of these images on your organization’s website and social media platforms. There are a variety of different sizes to fit a variety of webpages and social media pages; all images are jpg files.

Social Media and Web Banners Size
Simple Black & White Image 2100x1029
Annie Oakley Sidebar 160x600
Ulysses Grant Sidebar 160x600
Wright Brothers Sidebar 160x600
Annie Oakley Facebook Profile 200x200
Ulysses Grant Facebook Profile 200x200
Wright Brothers Facebook Profile 200x200
Annie Oakley Web Image 300x250
Ulysses Grant Web Image 300x250
Wright Brothers Web Image 300x250
Annie Oakley Web Image 300x600
Ulysses Grant Web Image 300x600
Wright Brothers Web Image 300x600
Annie Oakley Web Banner 320x50
Ulysses Grant Web Banner 320x50
Wright Brothers Web Banner 320x50
Annie Oakley Web Banner 728x90
Ulysses Grant Web Banner 728x90
Wright Brothers Web Banner 728x90


Share these short, 30-second YouTube videos featuring Annie Oakley, the Wright Brothers and Ulysses Grant. Link to these YouTube videos on social media or embed links you’re your webpages.

Annie Oakley

Ulysses Grant

The Wright Brothers

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