“Sneak Peek” Tours Make a Great Last Minute Gift

Are you looking for any last minute gifts?

Reservations for “Sneak Peek” Civil War Collections Tours can be now be placed online.

“Daniel McCook, Sr. who was killed in July 1863 at the Battle of Buffington Island, the only large Civil War battle fought in Ohio. He was one of the famous “Fighting McCooks.” See this and more documents related to the McCooks on the archives tours.

Participants will tour the facility where museum objects are stored or the archives/library stacks with our curators. They will have the chance to see and, after they put on their white gloves, touch unique objects and documents from the Civil War era. Dates and Times: Museum Collections Facility – Thursday, December 29 6:30-9:00 Archives/Library Stacks – Saturday, January 7 1:30-4:00 Museum Collections Facility – Saturday, January 19 6:30-9:00 Archives/Library Stacks – Saturday, February 25 1:30-4:00 Cost: Museum Tour – $149.00 per person Archives/Library Tour – $99.00 per person Museum/Archives Tour Combination – $209.00 per person To make reservations all 800-686-1541 or register online through the Ohio History Store.

Posted December 23, 2011
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