Did you know that the curators at the Royal Ontario Museum now have their own television series? It’s called Museum Diaries and, according to the series’ webpage, here is what the show is all about:museum diaries Enigmatic and enthusiastic specialists in their fields lead curious viewers behind-the-scenes of the Royal Ontario Museum and on the daily adventures of its curators, technicians and investigators. Museum Diaries invites viewers behind the displays, into the bowels of the museum and out into the field. As each curator leads us on a journey of exploration, we learn about their personal passion for their field of research, bear witness to the logistical and technological limitations which frustrate them, and experience the triumph and euphoria of their breakthroughs and discoveries. The first episode is devoted to exposing Fakes & Frauds — which is a subject near and dear to my own heart. The description of this episode observes that “while some fakes are easy to detect, others have been so masterfully disguised that they have become iconic in their own ‘fake’ right. This episode reveals forgeries from all periods of history and examines the impact that looters and fakers have on museums across the world and even in our daily life.” The show premieres tonight at 7:30 PM if you happen to get TVO and, for the rest of us, it will be available online on Wednesday Feb. 26. And just in case you’re as interested as you know we here at OHS are, an episode devoted to “Ancient Egypt Mummified” airs on April 1, so it should be up online the next day. If you follow the Ohio Historical Society’s Natural History Blog, you will have heard the news that OHS’s curators soon will have our own TV show! Stay tuned for further announcements about when that program will premiere. Brad Lepper

Posted February 25, 2014
Topics: Archaeology

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