Marion’s “Other” Power Couple: 137 Years of Impact
Sep. 08 2024
Marion Women's Club Home 1126 East Center Street Marion, Ohio 43302 Open in Google Map
September 8, 2024 / 2 - 4 p.m.
ALL - Free

Welcome to the home of Shauck and Ida Barlow! We invite you to step into the home and learn about Marion’s Other Power Couple, whose wedding anniversary is 137 years ago on September 8th. While Marion’s more known power couple, Warren and Florence Harding, were dominating the nation before and during Harding’s Presidency, the Barlows were making more subtle moves for the future of their community: civically and socially. Explore the home and listen to the story of the lives of Marions’s “Other” Power Couple and share in the celebration of 137 years of Barlow’s impact.

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