History Roundtable with Mike Gilbert
Sep. 07 2024
Hayes Presidential Library & Museums Spiegel Grove - home of Rutherford B. Hayes, Fremont, OH, USA Open in Google Map
10–11:30 a.m.
1 Session - $5 All 6 Sessions - $25

Learn about Samuel Adams’ role in the American Revolution, first ladies of the 1960s and the first Thanksgiving during the 11th season of History Roundtable this fall at the Hayes Presidential Library & Museums.

This popular series will take place in person. Pre-recorded virtual sessions also will be offered for those who cannot attend in person.
Mike Gilbert, a retired teacher, will again lead the series and share his research and findings on a variety of historical topics.
Six sessions are offered on Saturdays in September and October. Sessions are from 10 to 11:30 a.m.

Admission – whether in person or virtually through the recordings – is $5 per session or $25 for all six. Pre-registration and pre-payment for both in-person and virtual sessions are required.
Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted. To register and pay, contact Julie Mayle, curator of manuscripts, at [email protected]. There are no refunds.

The schedule of sessions is:

Saturday, Sept. 7 – Samuel Adams: The Man Behind the American Revolution – Samuel Adams’ effect on the American Revolution has been shrouded in mystery. What kind of man was Adams and why is so little known about him? This presentation will focus on his life from a young man to the architect of the American Revolution.

Saturday, Sept. 14 – J. Edgar Hoover: The Director – Few men exerted the power of J. Edgar Hoover. In charge of what would later be known as the F.B.I., Hoover knew the strengths and weakness of the major political players in the United States. For almost 40 years, he ran the nation’s top law enforcement agency. Discover his rise to power from boyhood through his emergence as one of the most dominant figures in the 20th Century.

Saturday, Sept. 21 – Gettysburg: The Second Day – The second day of the Battle of Gettysburg is a pivotal moment not only in the Civil War, but also in our nation’s history. Listen to the stories of the northern and southern soldiers as the group revisits Little Round Top.

Saturday, Sept. 28 – Women Warriors: Fighters for Freedom – Women warriors have fought for their countries since the beginning of time. From Boudica’s rebellion against the Romans to Joan of Arc’s efforts to restore the French monarchy, these remarkable women chose to risk their own lives to protect their countries.

Saturday, Oct. 12 – Jackie, Lady Bird and Pat: First Ladies of the 1960s – Although vastly different, Jackie Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson and Pat Nixon each held the position of first lady during the tumultuous 1960s. Discover their reactions to crises within the administrations and how they chose to represent the role as first lady.

Saturday, Oct. 19 – The Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving: A National Day of Thanks or Mourning? – Thanksgiving is one of the most popular holidays in the United States, but its origins are often misunderstood. This session will provide a different look at what really happened between the pilgrims and Native Americans. How has the modern day meaning of Thanksgiving evolved over the years?

History Roundtable is sponsored by ProMedica Memorial Hospital.

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