Architectural and Historical Tour of The Wagnalls Memorial, the Treasure of Lithopolis
Sep. 08 2024
The Wagnalls Memorial 150 E Columbus St Lithopolis, Ohio 43136 Open in Google Map
September 8, 2024 / 2-4 p.m.

Additional Considerations:
Photography permitted
Limited Space
ALL - Free

Mabel Wagnalls (1869-1946) was a force to be reckoned with and she had it all. She was an author, concert pianist and friend to literary, entertainment and adventurous luminaries. And to think she is mostly remembered not for what is mentioned above, but for the building she erected to honor her parents, to benefit a small town she never lived in!

Mabel was the only child of Adam (1843-1924) and Anna Wagnalls (1846-1914). Both of her parents were born in Lithopolis, Ohio, and both of them grew up poor. Lithopolis, a town of three hundred, was always special to Adam and Anna. Though Mabel enjoyed visiting her maternal grandmother in Lithopolis, she grew up and lived in New York City and the surrounding area from the time she was seven years old.

Mabel long knew of her mother’s dream to do something special for Lithopolis. The Tudor-Gothic building was dedicated in 1925 and it included a library, theater, banquet hall, fully-stocked kitchen and two tower rooms. Mabel generously endowed the building, its purpose being to share what was so important to her and her family: the influence of the written word and culture, and to provide a community center for Lithopolis. Mabel blessed the building with many of her family’s treasures, including two original Norman Rockwell illustrations.

Come step back in time and marvel at this treasure of Lithopolis which is celebrating its Centennial! Mabel Wagnalls, as portrayed by Wagnalls Memorial Historian, Carol Gaal, will share this architectural masterpiece and her family’s story as you tour The Wagnalls Memorial. Please call The Wagnalls Memorial at 614-837-4765 to reserve your spot on the tour.

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