EARTHWORKS: Ancient Monuments of the Eastern Woodlands

EARTHWORKS: Ancient Monuments of the Eastern Woodlands

When most people think of earthworks, they usually think of burial mounds built by a mysterious ancient culture known only as the “Moundbuilders.” In fact, there are many kinds of “mound” and many distinctive American Indian cultures built earthworks over the course of many millennia.

I’ve had the opportunity to give many tours of Ohio’s ancient earthworks to groups from all over the U.S. and from several other countries as well. (And with several of Ohio’s sites soon to be considered for the World Heritage List, we expect international tourism to become increasingly important!)

It is a privilege to take people to these sites and share some of what archaeologists have learned about these monuments from decades of investigation. Now, thanks to the combined efforts of many partners, you can purchase a CD, DVD, or download audio podcasts, that will give you a guided tour of ten selected earthwork sites in southern Ohio.

Featured sites include the Hopewell Culture National Historical Park’s Mound City and the Ohio Historical Society’s Serpent Mound.

Mound City is one of the classic sites of the Hopewell culture built between 100 B.C. and A.D. 400. Serpent Mound is thought to have been built by the Fort Ancient culture at around A.D. 1100.

Unfortunately, I can’t join each of you on a personalized tour of Ohio’s earthworks, but I think that these audio and video tours are the next best thing to having an archaeologist in the car with you!

The DVDs and CDs are available through the Ohio Historical Society’s online “Ohio History Store” at

Audio podcasts can be downloaded (for a fee) at

I hope you enjoy exploring Ohio’s ancient American Indian heritage!

And let us know if you like these products! We may expand the series to include sites from across Ohio.

Posted May 29, 2008
Topics: Archaeology

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