You’ve gotta go to this event: Open House at Museum of Biological Diversity!

If you’re interested in animals, plants, or any aspect of natural history you’ve got to attend the annual Open House offered by our friends at the Museum of Biological Diversity at Ohio State University this Saturday! This amazing research and education museum doesn’t have public exhibits, but once a year they open the doors so visitors can see the extensive collections.

Here are just some of the highlights of the museum:

  • The Tetrapod collection – founded in the 1870’s and is an important repository for Ohio and North American specimens of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.
  • The Borror Laboratory of Bioacoustics is one of the leading collections of animal sounds in the United States.
  • The Division of Molluscs collections are among the largest in the world for freshwater Mollusca.
  • The Triplehorn Insect Collection is ranked among the top university collections in North America.
  • The Acarology Collection is one of the best and most extensive tick & mite collections in North America.
  • The Herbarium has over 500,000 specimens of vascular and non-vascular plants.

Here is the blurb from the Museum’s website. Also, for more information on the museum go to:
Museum Open House
Saturday, February 8, 2014 – 10:00am – 4:00pm
1315 Kinnear Road, Columbus, OH 43212

The Annual Museum Open House is one of the largest outreach events in the College of Arts and Sciences at Ohio State University. Theme-based displays are on exhibit in the auditorium, and each of the collections pulls out some of their treasures to share with the public. There are also children’s activities to keep the little ones entertained. The upcoming Museum Open House is scheduled for Saturday, February 8, 2014. There is no admission fee. Parking is free. Come join us!


Posted February 4, 2014
Topics: Natural History

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