They are not beads! Freak of the Week #15

In honor of the 100th posting on the Natural History blog, let’s look at some very small objects – small enough that you probably could fit 100 of them on the face of a quarter! So what are these? (The small objects, not the dime!) They were recovered from an archaeological site in western Ohio, however they are natural objects and were probably just in the soil at the site but not related to the human occupation. They may appear at first like beads but they are not.

Side view of the largest of the objects.

Notice the interesting shapes of the center holes too. This photo shows the star pattern in the largest of the objects. Also, if you look closely at the small disc in the center of the photo above, you will see a similar star shape. Put your best answer in the Reply box below.

Posted March 26, 2014
Topics: Natural History

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