New Collections Available to Researchers March 23, 2009

The Manuscripts & Audiovisual Team at the Ohio Historical Society hopes that everyone is enjoying the spring weather!  We are pleased to announce that a variety of new collections are cataloged and available to researchers.  These original manuscript and audiovisual collections are housed at the Ohio Historical Center in Columbus, Ohio.  They are available for use in the Archives/Library reading room to the public during open hours.  To find out more about the collections on the list, please got to our Online Collections Catalog,  You can search for collections by the call number or keywords in the title. 
We plan to keep posting these updates on a monthly basis.  Check the Collections blog regularly for more information about collections and programs at the Ohio Historical Society in 2009.
AV 193  Edward S. Thomas Audiovisual Collection
AV 196  Ohio Photographs Collection
AV 198  R.H. Hughes Profire Collection
AV 202  Ohio News Film
MSS 863 AV   Donna Pope Papers Photograph Series
MSS 1275 AV  Anti-Abolition Manuscript
OVS 7326  Appointment of Justices of the Peace for Ross County, Ohio
OVS 7327  Hilltop USA Poster
OVS 7328  Hughes Profire
SC 1857  John L. Clem
SC 4312  Ethel G. Swanbeck
SC 4723  Judith Resnik
SC 4724  Donna Pope
SC 4746  Thomas N. Kindness
SC 5267  Canton, Ohio Parades
SC 5771  Betty Evelyn Butler
SC 5772 Carl R. Klinefelter Collection
VFM 5567 AV  Coulson Family Civil War Correspondence Photograph Series
VFM 5846 AV  Kennon-Mitchell Family Papers Photograph Series
VFM 5856  Letterheads and Ohio River Lithograph
VFM 5857  Benjamim LeFevre Letter
VFM 5858  Martin A. Foran Papers
VFM 5859  Richard Sprigg Canby Letter
VFM 5860  Frank B. Willis Letter
VFM 5861  Charles Sweetser Letter
VFM 5862  H.L. Morey Letter
VFM 5863  Thomas L. Hamer Letter
VFM 5864  Philadelph Van Trump Letter
VFM 5867  Tar and Asphalt Heaters Advertisements
VFM 5868  New Grant-Six Cabriolet Advertisement
VFM 5869  Akron Lamps and Manufacturing Company Records
VFM 5870  Dudley H. Johnson Letter
VFM 5871  Cincinnati Gazette Advertisement

Posted March 23, 2009

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