See Ohio from Home during Ohio Open Doors

See Ohio from Home during Ohio Open Doors

Sept. 11–20, 2020

The phrase’s origin is unknown, but it’s true that necessity it the mother of invention. That’s what inspired us to recommit to hosting our popular biennial event Ohio Open Doors this year. While in 2016 and 2018, we partnered with Ohio’s historic places to literally open their doors and welcome Ohioans in for a look around, 2020 is very different. Necessity is the mother of invention and a pandemic “inspired” us to turn Ohio Open Doors into a virtual event.
“Virtuality” has its own virtues. For example, during the virtual tour of “Theaters in Toledo: Past, Present, and Imagined” you’ll tour theaters still standing in the Glass City, as well as ones that are no more. Stops on the virtual tour will even feature theaters that were grandly imagined, but never built.
In Mansfield, you’ll  see the Renaissance Theater in 3D. The tour will take you to the front of the house and actually “behind the scenes.” Apparently, that theater’s “ghost light” serves a dual purpose, which you’ll discover.
And after visiting the Renaissance in Mansfield (or before) pop over to Oak Hill Cottage, a Victorian era Gothic Revival house, for a look around. A nice thing about virtual tours, besides enjoying them from a hammock in your back yard, is that you don’t have to look for a spot to park.   

 While the focus of Ohio Open Doors this year is virtual events showcasing historic theaters and opera houses,  “focus” doesn’t mean “only.” There are events you can actually attend and stay at a safe social distance. The Ohio Yearly Meeting House and the Historic District of Mount Pleasant, in Jefferson County, is hosting a driving tour of Underground Railroad sites from Wheeling, WV to Mount Pleasant. Enslaved people sought freedom via routes in eastern Ohio before the Civil War and you can trace the steps they bravely took.
In Perry Township, Stark County, you can join a caravan to see the area’s historic barns. Agriculture remains one our state’s top industries and a look at barns will tell you a bit about it.
We hope you join us any time (or many times) between Sept. 11–20. Visit to find out more. See you then!

Posted September 8, 2020
Topics: Historic PreservationMy History

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