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Applicant Information History Fund Application Instructions
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Applicant Organization: Please provide:
• Organization name
• Mailing address, including City, State, ZIP
• Organization main phone number
• Organization fax number
• Organization web site
• County

Organization Status: Check either: 1) Nonprofit organization incorporated in Ohio, or 2) Public entity (unit of local government, educational institution, public library, etc.).

For Nonprofit Organizations:

  • Attach your organization’s IRS letter of determination proving non-profit status
  • Attach your latest Form 990 tax return
  • Your organization’s State of Ohio Nonprofit Entity Number may be found by going to website of the Ohio Secretary of State, Business Services: http://www.sos.state.oh.us/SOS/Businesses.aspx. From there, click on “Business Services” (on the left side) and then on “Business Name Search.” Besides finding your organization’s Entity Number at the Ohio Secretary of State’s website, you will learn the status of your organization. Grant eligibility requires “good standing,” which is defined as “active” status by the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office.
    • Organizations whose status is listed as “held” must contact the Ohio History Connection’s Local History Office prior to applying; otherwise the application will not be reviewed.
    • Applications from organizations listed as “cancelled” or “dead” will not be reviewed.

For Public Entities:

  • Federal Tax ID number (also known at EIN)

Project Director, Project Bookkeeper, Authorizing Official
Please provide the individual’s complete contact information:

  • First and Last name
  • Position or role in applicant organization
  • Mailing address – for project director only
  • City, State, ZIP – for project director only
  • Indicate if address, phone number, and/or email address is the same at the Applicant Organization

Project Director: is the person responsible for coordinating the grant project. The project director serves as the contact between the applicant organization and the History Fund. The project director is also responsible for certifying compliance with the Fund regulations and for submitting interim and final reports. The project director may serve as the authorizing official for a project. The project director may not serve as the project bookkeeper.

Project Bookkeeper: is responsible for receiving, disbursing, and accounting for all grant and matching funds for the project. The bookkeeper should have experience in standard accounting procedures. The project bookkeeper shall not also serve as the project director or authorizing official. Family members, spouse, or the partner of the project director or authorizing official shall not serve as the project bookkeeper.

Authorizing Official: has the authority to obligate the organization to the grant and the responsibility to insure the organization fulfills its commitments under the grant. The project director may also serve as the authorizing official for a project.

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