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Appendix - Request for Proposal InformationHere are two documents to help you write a Request for Proposal.
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As noted in the Budget Form section in the History Fund’s Instructions under “Procurement,” grant recipients will be required to solicit competitive proposals for purchases of goods and services over $6,000. What follows are two documents to help you write a Request for Proposal: 1) a description of the elements of an RFP and 2) a sample RFP. RFPs need not be submitted at the time of application.

Elements of a Request for Proposal (RFP)

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a tool for describing the proposed project and stating what is expected from the consultant or contractor (also called a “bidder.”) Using consultants/contractors successfully requires a clear understanding and agreement regarding the goals, expected outcomes and deliverables, responsibilities and schedules.

Prior to issuance and distribution, the History Fund must approve the RFP to ensure compliance with applicable standards. What follows is a checklist you can use to develop an RFP.

Purpose of Project:

  • Concise statement describing the project or problem to be addressed.
  • Pertinent background information about organization, agency, or community.
  • Anticipated results and benefits of the project.
  • Funding sources
  • Amount of funding available for the project
  • Project period (anticipated start and end dates)

Scope of Work:

  • Tasks/services for which the bidder will be responsible
  • Products or deliverables (drafts and final products)
  • Schedule – submission dates of drafts, reports, etc.
  • Meetings or presentations in which consultant is expected to participate (number, setting, type, etc.)
  • Formats of deliverables
  • Professional standards that products must meet
  • Tasks/responsibilities of the requestor and any other parties


  • Professional qualifications to be met by key personnel
  • Desired skills and relevant prior experience

Submission Requirements:

  • Format for response
  • Required information in response
    • Name of consultant/firm
    • History of relevant experience
    • Qualifications of key staff assigned to project
    • Statement confirming understanding of scope of work
    • Description of scope of work, schedule for deliverables
    • References
  • Cost of services
  • Where/when proposal should be submitted
  • Contact name/info for questions

Review Process

  • Selection criteria to be used to evaluate proposals
  • Timeframe for decision making
  • Notification to successful/unsuccessful bidders
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