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History Fund A competitive matching grants program supporting local history in Ohio.
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The Ohio History Connection's History Fund is a competitive matching grants program funded by Ohioans through the “tax check-off” on the Ohio state income tax return.

In 2011, the "tax check-off" became the first and only source dedicated solely to supporting history-related projects in Ohio. The more donations we receive through the tax check-off, the more grants it can make through the History Fund.

The Ohio History Tax Check-Off and the History Fund Need Your Support Now

We’ll cut right to the chase.  The History Fund needs you to write to you state representative and state senator on behalf on the Ohio History Fund tax check-off.  And we need you to do it right away. 
Tax check off recipients are down again this year, like they were last year, and it does not look like we’re going to cross our state-mandated $150,000 threshold for tax check-off contributions.  So, we’re taking a another course.  We want our lawmakers to lower the threshold to $50,000 and to lengthen the time we have to cross it from 2 to 5 years.    
Please help!   

Click Here to Advocate for the Ohio History Fund and find a letter you can email to your state representative and state senator (or customize and email):
The point is to act fast.  History Fund grants happen because of the Ohio History Fund tax check-off.  We want to keep this program going for all of Ohio’s history organizations.  Since 2012, the History Fund has make $448,000 in grant to 47 organizations all over Ohio.  However, the History Fund has received 225 applications for a total of $2.7 million!  Demand for History Fund grants is strong, and the History Fund can only meet it with you help today. 

To help promote the Ohio History tax check-off and History Fund with press and marketing materials, go to: www.ohiohistory.org/OHFund

Congratulations to the History Fund Grant Recipients! Grant recipients are announced each year on Statehood Day: 

Apply for a History Fund Grant
Eligible projects fall into one of three grant categories: Bricks & Mortar, Organizational Development, and Programs & Collections.  History Fund grants are competitive and require matching funds, goods, and/or services from recipients.  Experts from history-related organizations across Ohio review applications and make grant recommendations.  The Ohio History Connection administers the History Fund program.

History Fund Guidelines: Click on the link to learn more about History Fund grants.  The Guidelines describe eligibility requirements, allowable projects, and criteria for grants.

History Fund Application: Click on the link to find the online grant application and application instructions.  The History Fund application process is entirely online.  No paper submissions of grant applications are accepted. Applications can be printed, however, for the applicants' information.

History Fund Help Webinars
Need some help with your History Fund grant application? This year we're offering two different webinars.

History Fund Help Webinars will walk you through the application process, offer tips to make the process go smoothly, and answer your questions.

Watch the recording of the June 2015 webinar.
Watch the recording of the July 2015 webinar.

Digitization Nuts & Bolts Webinars will help you learn how to strengthen your application and improve your project's chances of being funded, including how to incorporate the details reviewers are looking for. Using real-life examples, presenters will discuss standards and best practices, the importance of a well-defined project, and how to address long-term access and preservation. Tips offered in this webinar are aimed at organizations without an extensive background in digitization projects, but will also serve as a refresher for those with more practical experience.

Watch the recording of the July 2015 webinar.

If you have any questions about the History Fund, want to know if your project qualifies, or have questions about the application process, contact: 

Andy Verhoff, History Fund Grant Manager, 614.297.2341, averhoff@ohiohistory.org.
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Ohio History Connection
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