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Animals That Go Bump in the NightExplore the world of night creatures!
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Kindergarten through 2nd grade students explore the world of night creatures such as moths, bats, owls, rabbits, and opossums. Students will explore the characteristics and structure of life, adaptability, and the diversity and interdependence of life. They will have the opportunity to see preserved nocturnal animals and touch selected animals parts.

Location: Ohio History Center, Columbus, Ohio
Availability: Call Scheduling Office for available times
Time Allowance: 30 minutes
Cost: $5 per student; $4 per chaperone; Teachers are free (includes admission to the Ohio History Center)

Pre­-Visit Activity

Discuss with the students that they will be visiting a museum to study nighttime animals. Explain that they will get to touch and look at mounted specimens. You may wish to explain that they were once alive and have been preserved in order to study them. You may also wish to talk to them about handling these items carefully and respectfully.

Aligned to Ohio’s New Learning Standards for English Language Arts

  • CCR Anchor Standard for Speaking and Listening: 1, 2 
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