OHS Curators to Host Reddit Ask Me Anything

OHS Curators to Host Reddit Ask Me Anything

Have any questions for Ohio Historical Society curators? Curators from Natural History, Archaeology, and History will be hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on the popular social media forum Reddit. We will be answering questions about museum collections and practices in addition to questions about the museum and Ohio history.

Reddit Ask Historians

When is it?
Wednesday, August 28, from 10 am- 12pm

How does it work?
After creating a user name at the Reddit site, you can submit a question on the thread. We will be actively answering questions all morning.

What can I ask?
You are encouraged to ask anything related to museums, collections, professional standards and training, or anything else that curators might be able to answer.

Some possible questions:
General: Why did you become a curator? What did you study in school?
Museum Practices: Why do curators wear gloves? Why can’t I take photos?
Collections: What is the largest piece in your collection? What is the most controversial piece in your collection?
Personal: Have you ever been grossed out by an object in your collection? What is your favorite piece?
Ohio History: Why is the cardinal the state bird?

We hope that you can participate!


Posted August 22, 2013

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