Ohio Village: Call for 1890s Collections

Ohio Village: Call for 1890s Collections

This call for objects is essentially a “wish list” for all the items that the Visitor Experience Department is looking for in order to strengthen and expand the interpretive abilities of Ohio Village. For the past few decades Ohio Village existed as a period 1860s town, but it recently completed a time jump into the 1890s. While the village is fully transitioned and open to the public, there are plenty of small details that we would like to enhance to make the experience even more immersive. The following list is a collection of all the items we think would be great additions from the 1890s:

  • Potbellied Stoves or Railroad Stoves
  • 1870s-1890s period globe
  • Candlestick or Wall-mounted phones
  • Pedestal table
  • Footstools, ottomans and similar types of footrests
  • Firescreens (the more elaborate the better, as this will be for the upscale Burton House and H&P Women’s Study Club)
  • Sundial for the Burton House garden
  • Wrought iron garden furniture (although  we would gladly accept aluminum reproductions)
  • Rain gauge
  • Fishing lures
  • Cash registers or flat-topped cash drawers
  • More bicycles and bicycle accessories
  • 1870s-1890s firearms
  • Travel ephemera (period 1860s-1890s memorabilia from around the world)
  • Stereopticons
  • New couch/sofa/settees
  • Towels (for barber shop)
  • Shaving mugs
  • Humidors or spittoons
  • Glass bottles
  • Picture frames
  • Safety razors
  • Barber’s clippers
  • Barber’s stove
  • Large, wall-mounted mirror
  • Shoe shine stand with chair
  • Clocks
  • Porcelain dolls
  • Embalming jars
  • Tear bottles
  • Hair wreathes
  • Cooling board
  • Tombstones
  • Small bedroom mirror
  • Freight maps of Ohio and the U.S.
  • Small trunks
  • Electric corset and other health/spa goods and inventions of the period
  • Photography clamp
  • Classical-style sculptures, busts and artwork
  • Copper/Brass bed warmer
  • Hotel keys
  • Rolltop Desk
  • Posters for plays from the 1890s
  • Jail Cell
  • Umbrella stands
  • Coat racks
  • Blacksmithing tools
  • Period mobile forge
  • Embroidery hoop stand
  • Matching soupterines, aka soup tureens
  • Push sweepers
  • Shoe button hooks
  • Water pumps or hand-crank drinking fountains
  • 1898 calendars
  • Cemetery-related objects
  • Commemorative object for the American Civil War (a statue, plaque or something related to the Civil War)
  • Small table and matching chairs for the Burton House
  • 1890s period pharmaceutical objects for the Pharmacy (medicines, new products, etc.)
  • 1898 magazines and periodicals
  • Walking sticks and canes

If you are interested in donating any of these items, please contact our collections department at [email protected] or 614-297-2535.


Posted October 20, 2016
Topics: Daily Life

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