OHC Curators talk about our planet at panel discussion

Panel discussion about the environment with, from left, left David Dyer, Bill Mitsch, and Brad Lepper.

We recently had the great opportunity to be part of a panel discussion about the environment, extinct & endangered species, and the future of our planet. This event was arranged in conjunction with our new exhibit “Going, Going, Gone” Endangered and Extinct Species” and was held at the Columbus Metropolitan Club. I was honored to be able to be part of this discussion with Dr. Brad Lepper, Curator of Archaeology at the Ohio History Connection and Dr. Bill Mitsch, Professor Emeritus at The Ohio State University and Director, Everglades Wetland Research Park.

We weren’t really happy with the title of the event (who can live up to that expectation!?), so I’ll quote Brad here who said it best on his archaeology blog: “I was a little disappointed with the title Really Smart Guys Talk About Our Planet. I would have been happier if, instead, the title had been Guys Who Have Worked Really Hard to Learn a Lot About Our Planet And Want to Share What They’ve Learned. I guess I understand why the organizers opted for the shorter title, but I was uncomfortable with being labeled a ‘Really Smart Guy’ as opposed to a hard-working scientist.” But I think we covered some important and timely issues, so come see the new exhibit and watch the video on YouTube (below). What is your opinion on these issues? Can we reverse this trend towards another extinction event? What are you doing personally to help the environment and thus species at risk?


Posted July 25, 2014

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