OHIO ARCHAEOLOGY MONTH Join us for the last Open House of 2014 at Newark’s Octagon Earthworks! On Sunday October 12th the entire site will be open for you to explore from sunrise to sunset! The Octagon Earthworks are the most amazing part of the Newark Earthworks, but since the site is operated by Moundbuilders County Club, visitors normally only have access to a limited portion of the property. But four times a year, golfing is suspended and you can experience the entire site in all its grandeur. The dates for 2015 have not yet been announced, so take advantage of this opportunity to walk where the Hopewell walked and ponder the amazing achievement of these ancient American Indians! I will hope to see you there! Brad Lepper   Note: This post was edited to reflect the correct day of the Open House. Originally, I indicated incorrectly that it was on Saturday.

Posted September 15, 2014
Topics: Archaeology

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