New Ohio History Grant Fund!

New Ohio History Grant Fund!

Tax time is a great time to support Ohio history. Were asking you to ask you family and friends to support Ohio history through their Ohio income tax returns. They can voluntarily donate a part of their income tax refund to OHS. We hope when you ask them, you’ll say you’re a donor, too.

The Society will use the donations to create the Ohio History Grant Fund, a competitive matching grant program for local history and historic preservation projects across the state. The History Fund will give us yet another opportunity to support excellence at our more than 860 sister organizations across Ohio this time in the form of widely available “pass through”-type grant funding. That means more and better exhibits, better collections care, better public programs, and better preservation of Ohio’s historic built environment. More than that, however, the History Fund is yet another, very tangible way to connect Ohioans with their pasts, to understand their present and to create better futures.

To contribute to OHS for the Ohio History Grant Fund, see line #25d on your Ohio Form IT1040; line #18d on Ohio Form IT1040-EZ, or line 13d-4 of the TeleFile worksheet. Look for ” NEW Ohio Historical Society” on the forms.

Posted February 3, 2012
Topics: Archaeology

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