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Lustron Preservation is an initiative of the Midwest Office of the Ohio History Connection. This website was developed under a grant from the National Park Service and the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the Ohio Historical Society and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the National Park Service or the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training.

The goal of Lustron Preservation is to help owners and advocates preserve Lustron homes by providing high-quality technical information and a forum for the exchange of information via the internet.

In 2002, KDN Films released their award winning documentary, Lustron-The House America's Been Waiting For, which premiered at film festivals and was featured on PBS Stations throughout the country. When filmmakers Ed Moore and Bill Kubota attended premiers, they often found themselves peppered with questions from audience members who were also Lustron owners seeking guidance on how to care for these unique homes. The filmmakers contacted the Ohio Historical Society and asked the fateful question, "can you help?" The Ohio Historical Society agreed to explore the issue.

With each passing week it seemed that more Lustrons were lost to demolition, alteration, neglect and inappropriate or misguided repairs. The challenge was to determine how to help. Many Lustron owners wanted to "do the right thing" by their Lustron, but lacked the information needed to do so. What could be done to provide Lustron owners and advocates with the information that they needed to preserve and protect Lustrons for future generations? They needed information on a range of subjects---from how to repair pocket doors and cracked window panes, to how to get a home listed on the National Register or locally designated. Without working individually with owners and local advocates, how could The Ohio Historical Society make high-quality technical preservation information readily and consistently available, in order to help owners and advocates make good preservation decisions.

And so, the idea for Lustron Preservation was born. What better way to get high-quality specialized technical information to Lustron Owners and appreciators than through the power of the internet? It is hoped that the website will help Lustron owners and aficionados preserve Lustrons for future generations. Were it not for a grant from the NCPTT the project would not have been possible.