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Loan Procedures

To initiate the loan process, we ask that borrowing institutions formally request items for loan on their letterhead. The Ohio History Connection requires a minimum of four months' notice from the anticipated loan start date for all loan requests. The sooner the request is submitted the better. The request should indicate the purpose of the loan, dates (we do one year terms which are renewable upon review) and the items requested. We also ask that borrowers provide us with a facilities report of the space and a copy of the certificate of insurance before we transfer any items. In addition to the loan fee, borrowing institutions are responsible for all associated packing and shipping costs.

Your request should be sent to registrar@ohiohistory.org or the mailing address below. The Collections Management Team reviews all loan requests. Once the decision is made, you will be notified by the Registrar's Office.

Office of the Registrar
Ohio History Connection
800 E. 17th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43211-2474


The Ohio History Connection charges a fee for outgoing loans of collections. Please contact registrar@ohiohistory.org for our fee schedule.

Collections Management Policy

The Ohio History Connection's Collections Management Policy establishes guidelines for the acquisition, use, loan and deaccession of collections materials.

Historical Site Resources

The Ohio History Connection has over 50 historic sites around the state and relies on the attention and cooperation of its managing site partner staff to help manage the collections at these locations.

When a collections object is moved to a new location at the site or to our collections storage facility, a Transfer Form is required to record this updated location information. A Transfer Form should also be filled out if the site staff is requesting an object be moved from the collections facility to the site. Please forward the completed form to registrar@ohiohistory.org.

All incoming and outgoing site loan requests are processed through the Registrar's Office in collaboration with site staff. If site staff is contacted by institutions interested in borrowing collections held at sites, please refer them to the Registrar’s Office. Site staff interested in pursuing a loan of objects from individuals or institutions for exhibit at a site should contact the Registrar’s Office.


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