Kent State University Free Lecture Series

Stone Age Science: Insights into the Deep Human Past

Our friends at the Department of Anthropology at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, will be hosting a **FREE** archaeology lecture series on February 14, 2020. Refreshments will also be provided **FREE** of charge.

1:30 PM, Dr. Metin I. Eren (Kent State University), “Reverse engineering the Stone Age through experiments”
2:30 PM, Dr. Linda Spurlock (Kent State University), “Manot Cave: A Middle and Upper Paleolithic site in Western Galilee, Israel”
3:30 PM, Dr. Michelle R. Bebber (Kent State University), “Design Principles in Stone Age Art and Tools”
4:30 PM, [Intermission]
6:00 PM, Dr. Seiji Kadowaki (Nagoya University, Japan), “News from the desert: Stone Age behaviors and population changes from Neanderthals to modern humans in the Levant”
7:00 PM, Dr. David J. Meltzer (Southern Methodist University, Texas; Member, National Academy of Sciences), “Archaeology, ancient DNA, and the Ice Age peopling of the Americas”

The archaeology of the Stone Age Period, which lasted for 3 million years, has the ability to shed much light on humanity’s behavior, cognition, evolution, and diversity. In recent years, archaeologists’ ability to decipher clues from ancient artifacts and bones has increased substantially due to a multitude of different fields contributing to their study. In this lecture series, our goal is to share the latest, cutting-edge Stone Age discoveries by archaeologists with the public. Beyond traditional archaeological excavations and artifact analyses (Bebber, Eren, Kadowaki, Meltzer, Spurlock), the study of the Stone Age includes research on genetics and ancient DNA (Meltzer), scientific materials testing and design (Kadowaki, Spurlock), and the reverse engineering of artifacts through sophisticated experiments involving the modern reproduction and use of those specimens (Bebber, Eren). All of these inter-disciplinary topics will be highlighted in the lecture series.

This lecture series is generously sponsored by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). JSPS officers from Tokyo and Washington, D.C., will host an informational session at 1 PM describing their various programs to support collaborations between Japanese and American researchers.

We hope you will be able to join us.  Space is limited, so please email [email protected] to reserve your spot!!!  Come for part or all!!!

Posted January 11, 2020
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