#GGGone Twitter Takeover!

Did you know the Ohio History Connection has a large collection of natural history specimens? In fact, you can explore the natural heritage of Ohio from the states ancient bedrock, to its Paleozoic marine fossils, to the states modern flora and fauna, all at the Ohio History Center. Who knew?

Well, we did.

David Dyer, Curator of Natural History 

And we want you to know, too–that’s why we’re hosting a Twitter takeover with Natural History curators, David Dyer and Erin Cashion! 

Erin Cashion, Curator of Natural History

On Wednesday, September 24, between 11am and 2pm EST, Dave and Erin will take over the @OhioHistory Twitter feed to answer your natural history questions in 140 characters or less.

Why in 140-characters or less? Twitter is a social network that not only encourages, but demands brevity and information-sharing in 140-character messages called tweets. Dave and Erin assure us that they are up to the challenge.

They will share interesting and fun facts about our natural history collections, answer your questions about our new exhibit Going, Going, Gone? Endangered and Extinct Species, as well as sharing details about their day-to-day work. Have you ever asked yourself, “What does a curator do, anyway?” Here’s your chance!

So tune in tomorrow and tweet us your natural history questions at @OhioHistory and use the hashtag #GGGone!


Posted September 23, 2014
Topics: Natural History

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