Dr. Richard Shiels, Director of the Newark Earthworks Center

Dr. Richard Shiels, Director of the Newark Earthworks Center at the Ohio State University at Newark will be giving a presentation on 5,000 Years of Moundbuilding in North America on Tuesday April 8 at 7:00 PM in Granville’s historic Bryn Du Mansion. American Indians have been building earthworks in North America for longer than you might think. The oldest earthworks are in Louisiana and are more than 5,000 years old. Over the millennia, Indians built mounds along the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio Rivers and their tributaries from Louisiana to Wisconsin.  The Creek Indians never stopped building mounds and other tribes have resumed mound-building in our time. From time to time the form and function of mounds has changed. The Newark Earthworks are among the most spectacular of them all. Join us for a journey through time and space to marvel at the amazing achievements of these ancient people. Dr. Shiels’ talk is part of the Life/Local Series at Bryn Du! The Bryn Du Mansion is located at 537 Jones Road in Granville. Admission and parking are free!

Posted March 6, 2014
Topics: Archaeology

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