Exploring Ohio’s Past Archaeology Day 2015 at Serpent Mound

Exploring Ohio’s Past Archaeology Day

Join our friends, the ARC of Appliachia, for this fabulous event! 

Saturday, September 12, 2015 at Serpent Mound
10am – 4:30pm, Under Shelter – Rain or Shine
Event is free with $8/vehicle parking fee
Latest Findings –  Artifact Collections on Display –  Living History
Atlatl Throwing –  Flint Knapping –  Pump Drills & Firebows – Kids Activities
Featured Presentations with Ohio Archaeologists
11:00am: Latest Research by Archaeologist Jarrod Burks
Hidden Mysteries of Serpent Mound Revealed

 Archaeologist Jarrod Burks shares about an amazing and unexpected discovery made during a 2012 magnetic survey  at Serpent Mound. Apparently, the Serpent did not always look as it appears today! We’ll also talk shop about some  new radiocarbon dates that suggest the Serpent could be a lot older than previously thought. Far from being a done  deal, the story of Serpent Mound continues to change and even more archaeological discoveries no doubt await.

1:00pm: Latest Research by Archaeologist Kathryn Jakes
Hopewell Textiles – The Fabric of Their Lives

Contrary to our idea of ancient American Indians as wearing only deerskin garments, the Hopewell possessed an extensive knowledge of how to use native plant and animal materials for fiber and dye, and a sophisticated technology for turning these into complex decorated fabric creations. Ancient textile expert Kathryn Jakes shares this presentation  and demonstration of how fabrics might have been crafted 2000 years ago.

3:00pm: Latest Research by Archaeologist Bret Ruby
Art & Wood – Architecture of the Hopewell

Our view of ancient cultural landscapes has long been dominated by mounds and earthworks—the most prominent and visible elements. But now, new archaeological methods are revealing hidden landscapes in the spaces between the mounds and earthworks. Archaeologist Bret Ruby shares his latest research – evidence that the Hopewell people filled  what was once thought to have been open space with ritual architecture built from wood and earth.

More Information
Event Details: http://arcofappalachia.org/events/archaeology-day.html
Directions to Serpent Mound: http://arcofappalachia.org/visit/serpent-mound-directions.html

Posted August 15, 2015
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