Victorian Sci-fi Weekend

Join us as we explore the bright future envisioned by those living in the Victorian Era!

Ohio Village 800 East 17th Avenue, Columbus, OH, USA Open in Google Map
Adult - 13 Age 60+ or College ID - 11 Age 4-12 - 7 Age 3 & Under - Free Ohio History Connection Member - Free

Sat., & Sun., September 17 and September 18, 10a.m.-5p.m.

$11/age 60+ or college student with ID
$7/ages 4–12
Free/age 3 & under
Ohio History Connection members enjoy free admission

Advance tickets are available but not required. Walk-up admission is available anytime during open hours at the Ohio History Center front desk.
Members who wish to reserve tickets in advance can do so by calling 614-297-2300 during business hours.

Join us as we explore the bright future envisioned by those living in the Victorian Era! Bring the entire family and engage with fun activities linked to how people in the 1890s imagined our world would look like today. Learn about what people thought our day-to-day routines would look like, enjoy some popular science fiction films of the era, and get hands-on with some of the 19th century’s most interesting inventions. While you’re here, explore Ohio Village’s homes and businesses, get to know the residents, and play old-fashioned games on the village green.

Programming will include:

  • Film screenings in the Town Hall, showcasing the popular new form of entertainment: The Motion Picture!
  • Magic lantern shows that explore what the “home of the future” might look like
  • Special club meetings at the H&P about the hot new genre of literature: Science Fiction!
  • A hands-on gadget room full of 19th century inventions
  • Chemistry experiments with the Ohio Village pharmacist!

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